A whopping 40% of engagements happen between the end of November, American Thanksgiving, and mid February, Valentines Day. Thats a lot of love, hence the term Engagement Season.

I love hearing the stories, I’ve always been a total romantic. If you are one of the loved up couples this holiday season congratulations to you. You’ve chosen a life with the person who makes you feel the most special, with your best friend. Thats such a beautiful thing. But, what next? The more you think about it the more things and details there seem to be to consider. 

Here’s a brief list of some of the top things that you and your new fiancé will want to start talking about soon.

1. The number of guests that you’ll invite. This really might not seem like one of the first things that you’ll need to discuss but it impacts on your budget and your venue (think size and accessibility).
2. Your budget. Not the most glamorous or fun thing to think about but you will need to decide together on a budget for your wedding. Big areas to think about here include the venue (the venue may or may not include food), the celebrant, the photographer or videographer or both, a band and/or a DJ, of course the dress and the grooms attire, gifts or outfits for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, flowers (including bouquets, buttonholes and for general decoration. You may also wish to include a backdrop that can be a sculpture made of flowers or woven branches or fabric in front of which you will get married), and of course a cake. This list is not inclusive and depending on the type of wedding you want to have, it is not all necessary. Some people go all out and invite all the relatives and neighbours and the teachers they had when they were small and other people just want to exchange vows and rings with the person they love and a celebrant in a quiet wild spot.

3.What type of ceremony you want to have. This is not something that you should let someone else decide for you, after all its your big day, you are marrying the love of your life! Do it the way that you want to. Do you want a traditional big white wedding, being walked down the aisle? Did you dream of getting married in a wooded glade with a wreath of flowers in your hair? Perhaps you want your vows witnessed by the majestic and wild Atlantic Ocean and sea salt on your lips for your first kiss as a wedded couple. Do it your way and have fun with it.

4. Your celebrant. Make sure this is someone you get on with and don’t feel intimidated by. Your celebrant is there to make your day extra special for you.
You should have a bond together and the ceremony that they write for you should light up your heart. Make sure that your celebrant is okay with everything you want to include in your wedding before you hire them, for example any use of religious text, unusual rituals or outdoor locations.
5. This ties in to many of the other points: dates and themes. For example you may dream of a fur cape, a sparkler lit exit, a lace dress… just make sure the date you choose fits around what you want your wedding to be.

6. Names. Are either of you going to change your name after you wed? If so who?
7. How long is this engagement going to be? Some couples get engaged and they are pretty happy with that. Others want to get married with in the year. Its a good idea to talk about a time frame and when you think you would like to get married.

Above all, have fun with this and don’t forget to enjoy your engagement.. If you are planning a wedding or elopement in Ireland get in touch and we can start to plan your special day together.