Vow Renewals

What better way to celebrate a milestone in your marriage than by renewing your vows to one another?!
We all change and grow over time, in ourselves and in our relationships. One set of vows isn’t enough for a marriage. Over time, it may make perfect sense to you to decide to hold a renewal of vows ceremony and declare your enduring love for each other and make new vows to each other- your lives and priorities may have changed, you may have fallen deeper in love as you know each other better and better… you may have overcome a crisis together and want to do this ceremony as a fresh start, after an illness for example. There are so many reasons, but the only reason you need is that you love each other and you want to look each other in the eye and promise to keep on loving each other.
As a renewal of vows is not legally binding ceremony it has the massive plus of being able to be celebrated anywhere, such as on a cliff top over looking the Atlantic… or in a castle in your Ancestral Homeland… and it can be just you and your celebrant; you don’t even need witnesses if you don’t want them.
As your celebrant I will write a beautiful ceremony for you, based on you and your journey together. I can provide many suggestions of ceremony enhancements such as a Celtic Handfasting. I can also help out with vows and suggestions for poetry or music if you wish.
Send me an email and we can start planning your vow renewal!